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Marijuana may be a miracle treatment for children with autism. http://usat.ly/2q0inqW 

Medical Cannabis Goes To The Dogs.  https://www.krbd.org/2017/01/05/medical-cannabis-goes-to-the-dogs/

Debate Continues Over Use Of Cannabis To Treat Canine Health Issues.  https://usat.ly/2rCSwFw

CBS News: Pot for Pets: Cannabis Treatments Catch On For Dogs & Cats.  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pets-who-use-pot-marijuana-cannabis/

Medical Cannabis For Ailing Pets Gaining More Advocates.  http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2016/10/31/medical-cannabis-for-ailing-pets-gaining-more-advocates/

Researchers study neuroprotective properties in cannabis.

Marijuana Extract Might Help Prevent Chemotherapy-Related Nerve Pain.

New research provides hope for those with epilepsy.

Cannabis Compound Induces Death Of Cells Associated With Liver Fibrosis.

Prescription Marijuana Without "Intoxicating" Effect in Research Stage.

Science: Cannabidiol enhances the anti-cancer effects of THC on human brain cancer cells.

Cannabinoids inhibit and may prevent neuropathic pain in diabetes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an Anti-Arrhythmic – the Role of the CB1 Receptors.

Cannabis compound can help cells.

Cannabis plant extracts could potentially form the basic ingredients for a market-leading diabetes drug.

Marijuana Chemicals Ease MS Symptoms, Review Confirms.

Cannabidiol May be Effective in Preventing Bovine Spongiforme Enzephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease).

Marijuana Compound Shows Promise In Fighting Breast Cancer.

Cannabis may stop Breast Cancer from spreading in the Body.

Cannabis compound cannabidiol CBD 'halts cancer.

Compound found in marijuana may defend against diabetic retinopathy.

Chemicals in Cannabis may help mentally ill.

Marijuana-like compounds may aid array of debiliating conditions ranging from Parkinson's to pain.

Marijuana Extract Helps Arthritis Pain.