Customer Feedback

We've tried a lot of CBD products for our dog's anxiety and health issues, but yours is the only one that's worked!  Thank you for giving us our playful and spunky Barnie back!!  - Teri & Joey G.
I am slowly weaning my Jake off his zombie meds and the CBD is working wonders for the dog I love so much. I'm taking away a little of the meds at a time and giving him a whole dropper of your CBD Oil every night. If I get to the point where he has to maintain a balance of both the CBD and a lesser amount of drugs, I'll work with that, but I see a much happier, more playful best friend than ever before. For 5 and a half years he has struggled with seizures and a regimen of drugs that are eating away at his sharp brain and the loving boy he is. Now, the oil is freeing him, and his life is getting slowly much better. I have a great, understanding vet, and you and your oil.  Thank you so much for having the product to give me my best friend back.  - Judy D.
Thank you, everyone at CSHPC. This product has been such a relief for my anxious, arthritic old boy cat. We’re also giving some to our young, rambunctious girl cat so she doesn’t try to play so hard with him. All in all, a much calmer, healthier household!  - Caroline G.
Marshall, my 13 year old rabbit and your loyal customer, has finally passed away. I gave him your oil, on a treat, several times a day for over a year and it definitely helped keep him active.  Your CBD Sun Drops were a great supplement to the acupuncture and prescription medications, and I know it made a difference. And thank you for all the rapid deliveries - that always cracked me up.   -Beth S.
I recently ordered your product after a friend recommended it to me. I was skeptical because I've tried CBD drops before for my dog and not had great success.  Never really saw a change.  That's not the case with your product! My 15 year old labradoodle really seems to be doing so much better after just a couple of weeks!                                                      - Ashley J.
Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making my two 13 year old dogs more comfortable in their later years. I am convinced that your product has given them more time to enjoy life and given me more time with my beloved companions. Your customer service is wonderful in so many ways and with the next day service, it is always wonderful to wave a fleeting hello and goodbye during this pandemic.  - Leda V.
"My 15 year old Maltese has been feeling less pain and been so much more lively since taking Colorado Sundrops oil. Amazing customer service with Amazing products! Thank you!" - Mel K.



"I just started using this product a month ago for my miniature schnauzer. The owners of Colorado Sun are great and they were so helpful and supportive as I was trying to figure out dosing and such. I also worked with my veterinarian. He was having breakthrough seizures on his seizure meds and adding Colorado Sun CBD seems to be helping quite a bit with the breakthrough partial seizures. Thanks a bunch❣️❣️" - Megan D.


"Thank you for your awesome customer service.  My entire family uses your CBD Oil and it has been crucial to our well-being".  -  Aziza Z.


"I've used Colorado Sun CBD drops for several years and I wouldn't be without them! Tim and Jennifer are just awesome about taking care of their customers and answering all questions you might have! I initially got them for my dapple miniature Dachshund when he started having seizures. I give him a few drops every day and the seizures have virtually stopped. He may have one seizure a year, but not nearly as bad as before. About a year ago we adopted an 8 year old Border Collie/Lab mix from our local shelter on the day they were going to euthanize him. Nobody wanted him because apparently, at some point in his life, he was shot with a shotgun and it left him with scarring in his eye and on his face as well as an almost "palsy" type of shaking his head. He seems awkward and clumsy because of it, and will literally walk so close to me that he puts his feet in my shoes.....while they're still on my feet!!🤭 I've been giving him Colorado Sun every day and the head shaking is almost gone. He was absolutely terrified of everything when we got him, but he has calmed down and is such a great dog! He would still be suffering from the traumas of his past if not for a lot of TLC and a good daily dose of CBD!! I just thank God for this wonderful natural medicine and for amazing people like Tim and Jennifer who make you feel so comfortable while you're learning about their product! " The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."   - Becky B.


"Great customer service! Quick delivery". - Stephanie J.


"Before we tried your product we tried medicines, physical therapy, water therapy, massage therapy, the works, and nothing even compares to this.   We have our dog back thanks to this product so thank you very much.   And the even better news is the longer he is on it, the better he continues to get!!   So many people have seen him and commented on the drastic difference they now have their dogs on your product as well.  One of my parents' neighbor's dogs couldn’t even stand up to go pee anymore.   He is now not only standing, but going up and down the stairs!". - Jackie W.


"I wanted to let you know what a great product you have. Because of your CBD oil we got an additional nine months with our three-legged pit bull named Cotton.  He had major skeletal problems from hopping around on three legs (he had a front limb amputated 9 years ago) put a terrible strain on his body.  He also had cancer.  We took Cotton into our vet in November to discuss euthanizing him as he was still painful despite being on a cocktail of medications.  She recommended adding CBD to his regiment and recommended your company.  I cannot thank you enough for giving us nine great months with our boy.  Cotton did so well on your product that I recently recommended it to a friend who is a veterinarian in GA,  she now uses your product with one of her dogs and one of her clients has also started to use your product". - E.B.


"I've been a customer almost two years now and I would like to thank you for keeping my dog alive. Although our dose has been increasing (knock on wood) we have not had a seizure for 74 days!!! That's quite an improvement over 2-3 per week.  We have been on a roller coaster of vets and diagnoses, and a FB group finally led me to you. Sometimes you just have to find your own way and trust your gut." - Patty O.


"I am so pleased with the way Colorado Sun Hemp Pet Care CBD's has helped my Dog. I am literally in awe of the positive effects for him. Foster suffers from terrible anxiety and this has been a complete game changer...".  "He was on complete freak out mode and I gave him the oil on his cookies as per usual and the change was literally instant. He immediately relaxed. He was a champ on an all day road trip without one incident. I cried last night thinking about how much it's helping him".  "We couldn't be happier or feel safer giving it to him". - R.W.


 "Zak our 10 year old Labrador was diagnosed with cancer- osteosarcoma a week ago. This type of cancer is extremely painful….he was basically crippled by the tumor on his ankle. We were told by our vet that typically when osteosarcoma is diagnosed--it’s already at an advanced stage and we were told that he has a few months left to live- if that".  "He was in tremendous amount of pain not being able to get up & when he did get up he would fall down--It was very upsetting. We tried Colorado Sun CBD oil and within ONE day we saw dramatic improvement.  He has now begun moving around with ease. He goes up and down stairs and it is obvious he's not in pain. This has had a positive effect on his quality of life...  I recommend Colorado Sun CBD oil to every pet parent!" - Mary K.


"Your CBD is helping with his mobility. He is able to get up by himself more often, having less trouble with the few stairs we have and is actually wanting to take short walks more than once a day! Other changes (which I think are very important) include wagging his tail more often,  more receptive to pets and touch, sleeping better and an overall sense of ease and happiness. He has always loved being on our deck (and barking at squirrels, kitties and wildlife, but has not done that in months. Now he has done that for the last two nights...".  I can't thank you enough for helping my boy and for answering all of my questions. I am still holding you at Superman status! Hope you are having a great week!". - H.H.


"I wanted to let you know that Stewie’s life was very much improved & lengthened, I believe, due to your CBD oil.  He went to the Bridge on March 18th. He remained happy and pain free even when his body gave up on him.   His brother is using the rest of our open bottle to help him ease into being an only child now.".  - Cora S.


"I've used Colorado Sun Large Breed Treats on my 10 yr old boxer PP since August of 2018. He was beginning to show signs of pain and inflammation in his hips. Now, 13 months later, he is in much better shape. He is able to keep up with my two younger boxers 4 years old. I am so happy and relieved to have found Colorado Sun Hemp Pet Care Products. Thank you!". - Michael G.


"I use your CBD for my old lab. It’s helped him tremendously since we started it last spring". "He has been fighting cancer and now it’s spread and we’re keeping him comfortable while he still has quality of life".  "...with his arthritis and the cancer I swear by the CBD!" - Stacey H.


"Love the product. Helps my baby with his seizures and also pain after major knee surgery. Thanks for helping our fur baby’s. You rock!". - Anna H.


"I have been using your CBD for about 9 months and it has really helped my 9 year old Dachsund with her arthritis!  Thank You So Much!". - Trinle T. 


"It's been almost a year since you drove down to my house in SW Denver late in the evening to deliver our 1st bottle of CBD oil for my Lab. My how time flies. Since her passing in March we've been giving the CBD oil to our greyhound for her anxiety to fireworks and newly diagnosed arthritis (she's only 5) and its been working great!" - Jessica D.


"I have your CBD oil for my dog. He has anxiety and we give it to him when people are coming over that he hasn't met yet.  Works wonders!". - Paula V.


"I’d like to thank you for the relief you gave my sweet Sadie Sue prior to her passing, words cannot express the care you showed me after. From the bottom of my heart—I thank you.". - Dawn H.


"I wanted to let you know that I lost my baby Rowan in November. Because of you and your amazing oil, we had several more months together than was expected. I will never be able to thank you enough for that time. Every moment was precious...". "Thank you again for helping both Rowan & me!". - Holly H.


"I absolutely love this product. Such a great company, great customer service and the best results! My total go-to product!". - Shani S.


"Thank You Tim!  Love your products!" - Jennie G.


"A Big Fan!...". "Keep up the good work!" - Mark G.