About Us


Tim & Jennifer Anderson - Owners & Founders 

First of all, Jennifer and I are animal lovers.  We have a Husky named Echo and a Malamute named Sasha.  They bring so much joy, fur, and chaos into our lives that we wouldn't know what to do without them. We also have some great kids and grand-kids, but this is "About Us", right? 

Jennifer and I met working at Borders Books & Music a few years ago. We were both English Majors and both shared a passion for books which continues to today.  We both loved interacting with and helping our customers, and loved our communities and the positive impacts we were able to make there.  We felt good about what we did... selling books. We spent close to 2 wonderful decades in the Borders Books and Music family, and it got us from Ann Arbor, MI to out here in Colorado (and we're never heading back!).

More recently, we owned a Massage and Wellness Center in Littleton CO named BodyWorks.  Once again, we fell in love with our customers and our community, but we also rekindled a dormant passion we had for helping others to find relief and healing.

We've been in the CBD industry for about five years now, and starting and growing Colorado Sun - Hemp Pet Care has been an amazing experience. We started out by doing a lot of research and then partnering with veterinarians to get their advice, knowledge, and feedback on our products and their formulations. The main point of emphasis they were concerned about was that animals do not process THC well, so as a result we have formulated our products to have as little THC in them as possible. Fortunately, we started having a lot of success early on...mainly due to the fact that our products worked so well and were so effective with so many issues.  I think the fact that our products are carried by about as many Vet Clinics as Pet Stores demonstrates that our products are both safe and effective. The best part of starting and running Colorado Sun has been our customers and their animals.  Pet owners are an incredibly passionate and loving community, and we've met so many people and animals that have enriched our lives. We love that we get the chance to help keep pets healthy & their owners happy through our CBD products and advice. 

We get back way more than we give in this business, and knowing that we're helping suffering pets (and their suffering owners) is tremendously satisfying. 

What got us into the CBD for Pets business?

As former college athletes (Jennifer - Basketball at Western Michigan & Taylor Universities, Me - Football at The University of Michigan), we experienced many of the injuries that would eventually lead us to hemp & CBD for relief.  We know that CBD and other beneficial Cannabinoids work extremely well on any number of issues because we use it for ourselves, our families, and our adorable doggies.  I had shoulder replacement surgery recently, and was able to manage the pain through recovery completely with CBD and never had to rely on the opioids I was given. This stuff works!   

Having had many pets over the years, we know some of the most heartbreaking and helpless feelings a person can have...when a pet is in pain or distress and there is nothing they can do to help them...and nothing they can do to help themselves either, especially as they get older.  I'm no stranger to chronic pain, suffering major injuries and a dozen surgeries over the years that still can cause me a lot of pain today.  Jennifer and I discovered the relief and healing effects that hemp had on our bodies and minds a long time ago, and we've always wanted to share that experience with others. We're very proud and excited to be a part of the hemp revolution,  and we're proud to be part of a company that will provide relief and healing to so many of our loved ones.